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Invisible People. A journey amongst the Minority Groups of the World

Content: The book portrays minority communities with portraits, images and words. Within the preface and the introduction one can read about differing values, unfamiliar views of life, minorities and majorities, confusing diversity, multiculturalism, the self-perception of the visited communities as well as the preservation of culture in face of globalization. Also, impressions and lessons learned… Continue Reading →


Content: The book LA CIVILIZACIÓN DEL ESPECTÁCULO is a collection of essays of Mario Vargas Llosa on culture. In the beginning he gives an overview on authors about their differing current debates on culture, in contrast to his own point of view. Within the book, the metamorphosis throughout time of the understanding and application of… Continue Reading →


Content: The book JOSÉ MUJICA EN SUS PALABRAS – Ideas, opiniones y sueños del presidente más popúlar del mundo is currently available in Spanish. After a preface of Darío Klein and a prologue of Jordi Évole, It gives insights on ideas, opinions and aspirations of the former president of Uruguay: José Mujica. There are several… Continue Reading →

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